2016- 2017 Deer Season

This was one of the wettest seasons on record in Iowa that helped our food plot program which consisted of Frigid Forage’s, Big & Beasty Brassicas and Autumn Quick Plot planted in August. Once again corn and soybean prices were low so we were able to leave ample food plots of soybeans this year without having to cut back on the clients meals. With the DNR cutting back on the resident doe harvest the last couple years from 2500 to 850, the deer herd in our area has recovered well. Doing away with the late season doe hunt has also helped by eliminating the inadvertent killing of shed antler bucks during this season. However, with all the standing water this year there was a mild outbreak of EHD again and we found a few deer, mostly does and fawns, on each of the leases that succumbed to this deadly disease, transmitted by nasty little gnats.